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Fresh pollen 120gr

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Kit della salute

Mountain product:
a "transparent" brand

The "Mountain product" quality indication is reserved for raw materials coming from the mountains. Protecting mountain products means rewarding the work of thousands of small and medium-sized enterprises that help keep our country's economy alive as well as recognizing the social, environmental and touristic value of these areas. Bringing our Bees to these areas also means maintaining and sustaining their magnificent biodiversity; for this reason, we chose to collect our "Wildflower" products here alone, where Nature thrives in all its colors.

The true force
of nature

Before us, the ancient Egyptians, like many others, grasped the enormous meaning and value of pollen harvested by bees: they called it "the dust that gives life". In fact, pollen contains a wide variety of biologically active compounds: proteins, essential amino acids, omega fatty acids, vitamins and minerals, flavonoids, phytosterols...

for this reason, it was defined by some researchers as "the one and only complete diet". Its importance is being officially recognized throughout the world in different ways and at different times: for the German Federal Board of Health, pollen is a "medicinal product" by the Bundesanzeiger (Federal Gazette) No. 11 of 17 January 1991.

Vigne (AN)

The first High
Mountain Apiary

A brave and
counter-current choice

The Polyflora Pollen
contains the genome
of various plants

... and, for the bees, it is the main protein source available to feed the brood. They harvest it and enrich it with nectar and salivary enzymes. During their research the bees remain faithful to only one flowering (one botanical species) at a time: in this way they favour pollination, and therefore the multiplication of the flowers they visit. Thus, while they work, they ensure a future for their family.

How do we harvest pollen?

We have a grid through which the bees pass to enter the hive: so we can harvest a small part of the precious cargo they carry on their legs. We carefully monitor these pollen traps so that they do not cause any damage to individual bees or the family: we do not take more than 10% of the pollen harvested.

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