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Enter our
world of bees.

All of Giorgio Poeta's products from the
Marche region delivered directly to your home.

We create unique
products in the world.

Organic honey, aged honey and the oldest
fermented honey, l’Idromiele all for you.

Beehive products are
allies of good health.

Our bees, which we guard
every day, work for our energy.

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products, discover them.

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Farmacia Comunale 1 Riccione

A 500 mt dal mare vicinissima a strutture ricettive e facilmente raggiungibile dal turista

Panettone al miele

Confezioni regalo natalizie

The name: Honey, says it all. The last name: Poeta, says even more. Behold, the poetry of sweetness I found in the exceptionally high-level work of Giorgio and his team.

Paola Saluzzi

A relationship, the one with Giorgio, based on mutual respect for years: serious in his work and a source of inspiration and dialogue. His products are the great pride of my city and his tenacity, an example for many.

Cecilia Spurio

Emergenza Miele,

EmergenzaMiele2! This time he surprised Emilio's palate of Cau&Spada, we went to visit him in his company to discover all the secrets of the best pecorino cheese at national level!

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