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Our organic

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Nature & Culture

Bees show us in many ways: unity is strength


Your unique

It gives what man and bee created together in harmony.

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il Carato

“Il Carato” was born from Giorgio's intuition back in 2011

la Stella

Anise and Honey, in a few words, the Marche region

il Carato Gran Cru

From the union of two Marche realities devoted to uniqueness

I'M IdroMiele

An ancient drink back on our tables

like Thalamus

Velvety, soft, burnt, constantly evolving, but also balsamic, dense, heavy. This is the result after nine months in French oak barrels.

Tradition and innovation,
respecting bees

When we marketed aged honey for the first time, it immediately aroused a lot of interest and after a few months it won an Agriculture Oscar. This happened because it was the first step in getting honey out of a "commodity" that was, and still is, painstaking.

We are of the opinion that the birth of aged honey was an important step towards the enhancement of honey for everyone. Bees interest us above all else.

Your unique gift...

Refined honey in elegant handmade packages. It gives what man and bee created together in harmony. 

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