The unique products
in the world

Let yourself be carried away on this new journey


Our organic

A trip to our beautiful region


Nature & Culture

Bees show us in many ways: unity is strength


Your unique

It gives what man and bee created together in harmony.

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Amatrice (RI)

Where people are tougher than rocks. And sweeter than honey.

A unique honey from the high mountains.

Entroterra Marchigiano (AN - PU)

Just a
'cabbage' honey!

The thousand face of honey

Vigne (AN)

The first High
Mountain Apiary

A brave and
counter-current choice

Agugliano (AN)

Where sunflowers
become home

A magical place for
a magical honey

Fabriano (AN)

Our company's

Our early days
as beekeepers

Jesi (AN)

The Jesi plains

Our spring
begins here

Fabriano (AN)

The linden tree at
the city center

A dedication
to Fabriano

Fabriano (AN)

The research

Royal jelly, queens, swarms

Attiggio (AN)

At the foot of
San Silvestro

A magical and
uncontaminated place