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€ 15.50

Royal jelly

€ 40.00

Kit della salute

A special product
like breast milk

Secreted by special glands of young nurturing bees as nourishment for all larvae in the first 3 days of life, it has strong similarities with the breast milk of Mammals. Moreover, Royal Jelly is so called because it is the only food in the Queen's diet: thanks to it she is able to lay many eggs and live up to 5 years.

The true force
of nature

Royal Jelly is a product that is consumed immediately or within a few days in the Beehive of origin; in fact Royal Jelly is so delicate that, if stored in the refrigerator, it soon becomes more and more yellow and smelly due to rancidity processes.

This is why we ship Royal Jelly in polystyrene packages which enable it remain frozen: the only way to guarantee freshness without preservatives.

How do we harvest
Royal Jelly?

With caution, delicacy and respect: Royal Jelly is a production that only the most experienced Beekeepers can practice. By confining the Queen to one half of the beehives, some of the Bees (who can't smell her) are led to think they are orphans: in this way we can make them accept fake royal cells where they will pour Royal Jelly. Given the importance of this procedure, we chose to organize this production "close to home", in order to always be ready...

Rare and precious,
even in composition

It contains typical compounds absent in any other natural material, such as 10-DHA and Major Proteins, with numerous therapeutic potentials still under research. In accordance with EU Regulation 1924/06: long-term ingestion of Royal Jelly can reduce cardiovascular risk factors and cancer risk; improve performance, fitness and mental health (especially in the elderly)... and much more.

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