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Product description

Honeydew honey (94%) enriched with hydroalcoholic pollen extract (2%), propolis mother tincture (2%) and fresh royal jelly (2%).

Production method

Mixing the above mentioned ingredients and packaging.


This product contains all the active substances and ingredients used: polyphenols (especially flavonoids and phenolic acids), amino acids and proteins, vitamins and mineral salts and other organic compounds.


Restorative and

useful in all conditions of physical or mental stress such as change of season, convalescence from weakening illnesses, overwork, etc.. 


Regulator and protector
of the gastrointestinal system:

It favors the detoxification of various substances (heavy metals, industrial emissions and gases, drugs, etc.) and has a trophic action on the intestinal villi.


Anti-aging effect

for the reproductive system and cognitive functions. It is administered to the elderly to stimulate appetite and physical functions as well as improving mood tone.


per 100 g
of product

Parameters Unit of Measurement Unit of Measurement
Energy value Kcal 240
Fats g 0,2
Of which saturated fatty acids g 0,08
Carbohydrates g 77
Of which sugar g 76
Protein g 1,4


Being a honey-based product, it is not recommended to abuse the product (more than 60 g per day).

People allergic to bee venom, suffering from asthma or with a high allergy incidence (especially hay allergy to Graminaceae, Cupressaceae, Betulaceae, Salicaceae, Fagaceae, etc.) should avoid the intake of any hive product.

It is advisable to undergo allergy tests before starting therapy. Particular caution is required for pregnant women, lactating women and children of pediatric age.

for use

A daily intake is recommended to supplement and prevent any deficiencies or immune deficiencies before symptoms are treated. You can take 2-3 teaspoons daily, preferably in the morning as it is or accompanied by other foods (eg: rusks).


Store at room temperature, in a cool dry place, away from direct sunlight.

Expiry date

2 years


Food-grade PVC dispenser

Net weight



MiPAAF certified organic product, Inspected operator no. 44913.

Registered office

Giorgio Poeta s.r.l.

via Bruno Buozzi 56B

60044 Fabriano AN

P.Iva e CF 02726530427

Laboratory/sales outlet

Via Santa Croce 65

60044 Fabriano AN

Fabriano East exit

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DOMANDA N.  ID n. 58869, approvata con Decreto n. 86/ICIN del 04/04/2023

TITOLO DEL PROGETTO: “Sviluppo commerciale in Medio Oriente, Paesi del Golfo e Stati Uniti”


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