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Crystalline and citrus honey

It crystallizes very quickly due to the glucose/fructose ratio shifted significantly towards the first monosaccharide. The color, which once crystallized is reminiscent of egg yolk, has scents and aromas of fresh citrus fruit. Delicious on toasted cereal bread.

Production area

Agugliano (AN)

Where sunflowers
become home

A magical place for
a magical honey

Sunflower is grown
for the harvest
of its oleic seeds.

That's why a lot of High-Oleic Sunflower (Heliantus Annus L.) is sown in recent years. The Marche region is perhaps the most representative region for this annual plant, which remains an excellent nectar supplement for our bees and also for our eyes in the period of July. A field of Sunflowers in full bloom puts you at peace with the world.

It is our
penultimate honey

After this harvest, we are in mid-July, we begin to bring home our Bees, which are at the end of their journey. Some remain on the farm for the production of Stachys honey, while a few of them are used to create swarms that will go into production the following year.