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Mildly sweet honey

It slowly and gently crystallizes in November as it turns out to be: elegant. Almost absent fine crystallization, reminiscent of butter due to its creaminess. Milky white color, sweet taste but not too much flavor, it has almond and hay characteristics. To be used to sweeten red meats, but also on teas and herbal teas for its great olfactory contribution.

Production area

Fabriano (AN)

Our company's

Our early days
as beekeepers

Stachys is an annual
medicinal plant

It is also a type of weed which grows after mid-July on uncultivated organic fields which have not been tilled and on which no herbicides are used. A tiny plant with white bells when blooming. In our area it is called Erba della Madonna or Erba Strega. Whatever you call it, we thank it every year.

The last honey

We do not always manage to harvest this honey. In case of extremely hot years, in case of late flowering, in case of tired bees, (remember that we are already in August) we prefer to lighten our bees by ending the honey harvest early and leaving them all of this nectar. Fortunately, in recent years, we have always harvested this precious and unique honey.