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Country of origin


Production area

Adriatic cost of Marche region (50/100 metres above sea level)


Our organic rapeseed honey is not easy to produce because of the period (end of March, beginning of April) and because of the extra stimulation it gives to bees, making them swarm.


Rapeseed honey: where does it come from? It comes from the nectar of “Brassica Napus” flowers (80%) and from other vegetables (20%) such as hawthorn and willow. Rapeseed is a yearly plant which grows mainly in spring with a bright yellow inflorescence.

Production method

Rapeseed honey; how is it made? The first phase is the honey extraction from the closed honeycombs (they do not contain clutches) with less than18% humidity. The outside wax layer is then removed, the comb is centrifuged and the obtained honey will then put in jar ready to be sold. Each jar is labelled which info such as the production lot. No GMOs and ionising treatments are used. 


It compacts rapidly without crystallizing. It has a creamy consistency.

Visual Examination

Very characteristic colour with white nuances. In the liquid form is almost transparent while if crystallizes it becomes intense white.


Olfactory Examination

Mild intensity with notes of stewed cabbage and cheese crust.


Taste Examination

Delicate flavour with notes of stewed cabbage.

More info


We recommend not to exceed a daily intake of more than 60 gr. of sunflower honey. People with severe allergies to pollen, hay, gramineous plants, cupressaceae, betulaceae, salicaceae, fagaceae etc… should not eat honey, sunflower version included. Keep away from children under 3 years of age.

Recommendations for use

Rapeseed honey is ideal as ingredient in yoghurt sauces or to glaze pork meat. It is also very good with mid-seasoned cheese.


It fears heat and humidity. Store in a cool dry place, away from direct light.


Glass jar

Net weight



MiPAAF certified organic product, Inspected operator no. 44913.

Registered office

Giorgio Poeta s.r.l.

via Bruno Buozzi 56B

60044 Fabriano AN

P.Iva e CF 02726530427

Laboratory/sales outlet

Via Santa Croce 65

60044 Fabriano AN

Fabriano East exit

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BANDO: EVENTI SISMICI POR MARCHE FESR 2014/2020 – ASSE 8 – OS 21 - AZIONE 21.1 “Azioni per il riorientamento e la diversificazione dei mercati” – INTERVENTO 21.1.1 “Sostegno agli investimenti produttivi al fine del rilancio della crescita economica e della competitività” Bando 2022.

DOMANDA N.  ID n. 58869, approvata con Decreto n. 86/ICIN del 04/04/2023

TITOLO DEL PROGETTO: “Sviluppo commerciale in Medio Oriente, Paesi del Golfo e Stati Uniti”


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