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€ 2.00

Jar 250gr

€ 8.00

Jar 250gr

A rare honey

It crystallizes straight after the harvest. Its colour goes from transparent to pearl white. A delicate and sulphurous taste with notes of stewed cauliflower. Ideal with red meats.

Production area

Entroterra Marchigiano (AN - PU)

Just a
'cabbage' honey!

The thousand face of honey

of the rapeseed

This plant was mainly used in the past for the extraction of vegetal oil. Its high content in erucic acid (toxic) persuaded most part of the farmers to abandon its cultivation. Today, a careful selection process of the plants with a minimal content in erucic acid has led to the re-discover of this plant. Its presence is widespread all over Italy but only few beekeepers sell this honey.

means honey

Our first honey extraction. Bees love this nectar which also stimulates the swarming phase. Honey gets bees ready for the next harvest: the acacia honey.