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€ 8.20

Jar 250gr

Aromatic and fresh honey

In our laboratory, when honey is extracted from Linden, it seems to enter a huge field full of aromatic essences. The scent that emanates from this honey in its maximum purity recalls the freshness of mint. It crystallizes slowly, and its color is ivory white with a compact yet fine crystal.

Production area

Fabriano (AN)

The linden tree at
the city center

A dedication
to Fabriano

A sacred plant
in antiquity.

Linden (Tilia Platyphyllos L.) was consecrated to Aphrodite. It is a plant with high longevity that lives on average over 200 years. It is of great structure and is used in the tree-lined avenues of cities for its great capacity to grow leaves and the sumptuous perfume it emanates during flowering.

At the dawn
of summer

We usually start harvesting this honey in late May in order to make the bees ready for the harvest which usually starts the first week of June. Bees love this nectar, which unlike others, makes them more tame than usual. That is why we recommend it to those who suffer from insomnia.

Registered office

Giorgio Poeta s.r.l.

via Bruno Buozzi 56B

60044 Fabriano AN

P.Iva e CF 02726530427

Laboratory/sales outlet

Via Santa Croce 65

60044 Fabriano AN

Fabriano East exit

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