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Strong but enveloping honey

It remains liquid by its nature for a long time. Ruby red color, very dense, almost compact, due to low humidity level in which we collect it (less than 15%). Aromatic, yet sweet and enveloping, reminiscent of velvet, caramel, freshly burned wood and fig. It gives its best when paired with fresh cheese but the real ability of this honey is accompanying smoked slices of fish.

Production area

Fabriano (AN)

The research

Royal jelly, queens, swarms

This honey
is a mixture.

A mixture made up of other insects (Psillidae, L.) that become pre-digestors of sap collected from plants of various types, from poplars to oaks. This Psillidae, a tiny insect just a few mm long, sucks the sap from the leaves of the plant. However, since it is too sugary, it expels all the excess part. These micro-drops are harvested by bees for their sweetness and richness in mineral salts and then transformed into honey.

It is a honey that
is greatly affected by
naturality of the place

If in fact treatments against Psyllids are made, this honey will never be produced. That is why we take our Bees to places where the organic regime is home-made. Honeydew is usually harvested throughout the month of June. There are multiple variables to line up in this case as well. High relative humidity, presence of Psyllids, fields in organic regime, these are the fundamental variables to be kept under observation for the production of this honey used by many athletes for its regenerative properties.