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€ 2.00

Jar 28gr

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Jar 28gr

A high popolarity honey

At the smell it recalls vinegar, ammonia, sulphur. In the mouth the delicacy of camomile explodes.

Production area

Amatrice (RI)

Where people are tougher than rocks. And sweeter than honey.

A unique honey from the high mountains.


This plant can be found mainly in northern Italy but also up in the mountains of the central Apennines range. It is mainly known as “dandelion clock”. It can be used to make salads but also for infusions with calming and relaxing properties. A unique plant with lots of healthy properties.

single-flower honey

Mountain can be a tough place, expecially above 1,000 meters of altitude. Thermal excursion, expecially in April and May, can also reach 20 °C of difference and this environment can results tough both for bees and beekeepers…but the love for this places is stronger than fatigue!