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€ 7.00

Jar 250gr

Dark and harmonious honey

It remains liquid for about two years after harvest. The color reveals its strong aroma tending from amber to dark brick. Strong and complex flavor tending towards bitterness, it is excellent on aged cheese, while it lends itself as a classic sweetener.

Production area

Vigne (AN)

The first High
Mountain Apiary

A brave and
counter-current choice

Chestnut was
imported for its wood.

To date, chestnut (Castanea Sativa Mill.) no longer plays a significant role in terms of its use as wood, but fortunately it remained as a plant being very long-lived as the linden tree. Present in the Alps, but also throughout the Apennine ridge, it was once used as food sustenance thanks to its seeds.

Nectar and pollen
are life for bees

This wonderful tree plant gives both Nectar and pollen in an important way. The downside, however, is that bees appreciate this honey so much so that at the end of its harvest they are slightly angry...