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Delicate and exquisite honey

Remains liquid for about two years after harvest. The more transparent the color, the higher the purity of this honey. Very delicate taste, sweet flavor, made with references to vanilla. Wonderful as a sweetener but also as a topping with a curly salad, Fossa cheese and mozzarella.

Acacia was
imported in 1800
from neighboring France.

(Robinia Pseudo-Acacia L.) is an allochthonous plant, and has been used for its fast growth in reforestation. We find it all over our peninsula, mainly concentrated in northern Italy and we are grateful to it for the wonderful nectar it gives to the bees.

Everything takes place
in about 15 days

It is the flowering time of this plant from which our bees receive nectar and transform it into honey. We always work with honeycomb frames fitted with beeswax only so as to have a very high degree of purity but renouncing a part of production. It is the most appreciated honey on the Italian market.