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Product description

White viscous liquid with a pungent smell and sweet-sour taste. Secreted by the mandibular and hypopharyngeal glands of nurse bees, used as the only nourishment for the larvae in the first 3 days of life and for the Queen in her entire life cycle (similar to milk in Mammals).


Brood cells specially prepared for product harvest.

Method of production:

We use special hives divided into two compartments, to create the feeling of being orphaned in the bee family (absence of Queen) and lead them to build new royal cells and secrete royal jelly. The product is harvested periodically and immediately packaged in the laboratory and then frozen without interrupting the cold chain.


Royal jelly contains approximately 185 organic compounds.

Free fatty acids not present in any other material in nature:

10-hydroxy-2-decanoic acid and others, recognized for their antibacterial power. Together with the Major Proteins of Royal Jelly (which make up 90% of the proteins in total) they confer a high biological activity.

Other identified substances:

nucleotide bases (adenosine, uridine, guanosine, iridine, cystidine), phosphatase (AMP, ADP, ATP and also cAMP-N1 oxide, not found in any other material in nature), acetylcholine, gluconic acid and benzoic acid.


Balancing the female reproductive system
at all stages of development.


Neuroprotector and neurogenetic

promotes the differentiation of all three types of nerve cells (neurons, astrocytes and oligodendrocytes).

and restorative

for the prevention of seasonal illnesses and to restore the body's natural defenses.

Anti-aging effect

for the reproductive system and cognitive functions. It is administered to the elderly to stimulate appetite and physical functions as well as improving mood tone.


In accordance with the
EU regulation 1924/2006:

The intake of royal jelly can improve physical performance, fitness and mental health, significantly in older people (anti-aging effect); it can also reduce the risk of cancer. Long-term royal jelly intake can improve cardiovascular health by reducing blood risk factors such as lipids and cholesterol.


Average nutritional composition
per 100 g
of fresh product

  g RDI (g/day)
Carbohydrates 11-23 320
Protein 9-18 50
Fats  3-8 80 
Vitamins mg  RDI (mg/day)
B1  0,1-1,7 1,1
B2  0,5-2,5  1,3 
B3  4,5-19  15 
B5  3,6-23 
B6  0,2-5,5  1,4 
B7  0,15-0,55  0,045 
B9  0,01-0,06  0,4 
Mineral Salts 0,8-3   
200-1000  2000 
Ca  25-85  1000 
Mg  20-100  350 
Zn  0,7-8  8,5 
Fe  1-11  12,5 
Cu  0,33-1,6  1,2 


People allergic to bee venom, suffering from asthma or with a high incidence of allergies (especially hay allergy to Graminaceae, Cupressaceae, Betulaceae, Salicaceae, Fagaceae, etc.) should avoid the intake of hive products.

It is always advisable to undergo allergy tests before starting therapy. Particular caution is required for pregnant women, lactating women and children of pediatric age.

for use

There is a teaspoon with a capacity of 0.5 g (minimum recommended daily dose) in the container.

It is preferable to take it in the morning on an empty stomach, making it dissolve under the tongue to promote maximum absorption by the body; the same dose can be taken in the evening to increase effectiveness. 

Half a teaspoon daily is recommended for children.


Store in the freezer until opened, then refrigerate (+4° C approx.) and consume preferably within 7 weeks.

Expiry date

(referring to the bottle closed and stored in the freezer)


2 years


Glass bottle with measuring spoon.

Net weight



MiPAAF certified organic product, Inspected operator no. 44913.

Registered office

Giorgio Poeta s.r.l.

via Bruno Buozzi 56B

60044 Fabriano AN

P.Iva e CF 02726530427

Laboratory/sales outlet

Via Santa Croce 65

60044 Fabriano AN

Fabriano East exit

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