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Mountain product.
A "transparent" brand

Protecting mountain products means rewarding the work of thousands of small and medium-sized enterprises that help to keep the economy of our country alive. This also means recognizing the social, environmental and touristic value of these areas. The "Mountain product" quality label is reserved for raw materials that come from mountain areas. We only harvest Wildflower Honey, Wildflower Pollen and Propolis here.

Honey with an
amber tone

Honey that crystallizes in autumn, bringing back a golden tone. Extremely dense, with a sweet and spicy flavor, it recalls the breadth of ripe yellow fruits in the mouth. The numerous essences present create an intense but non-invasive floral bouquet. It is wonderful when paired with a slice of toasted bread, accompanied by a light layer of butter.

Vigne (AN)

The first High
Mountain Apiary

A brave and
counter-current choice

The environment where
this honey
is harvested is
typical of our
mountain area.

Natural pastures where numerous spontaneous essences that cannot be found at lower altitudes bloom in spring. Woods of ornello, hornbeam, chestnut and fir trees give delicate and spicy aromas to this honey.

The result of a
spring and
summer job

By our choice the honeycomb once filled is not immediately taken to the laboratory, but left with the bees until August. This allows us to have a honey rich in essences, because there are flowers blooming from April to August in each jar. It is a clear picture of our mountain territory, with its harshness, complexity and eternal beauty.