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Production area



April - May, nowadays; like all blooms, it brought its time forward compared to the past when it used to bloom around July.


Tilia europea L. flower nectar and other plant species in non-majority quantities. The linden tree is a large tree, 15-25 meters high: velvety and reddish branches, ovate and typically heart-shaped leaves, yellowish-white flowers. Its habitat is in European and Asian woods.

Production method

Honey extraction from honeycombs (not containing brood) with closed cells, therefore with humidity ≤ 18%: removal, uncapping, centrifugation and decantation of honey, then potting. Intact packaging without rust spots, bearing labels showing the indications required by the law in force, including the identification of the production batch. No GMOs are present and no ionizing treatments are applied.


It crystallizes late, then liquefies at temperatures above 20°C; it has a very refined texture as a result of this.

Visual Examination

Light amber color, with possible darker greenish notes.


Olfactory examination

The smell is quite intense, reminiscent of the scent of linden trees when their flowers bloom in our avenues, with a balsamic scent just like medicinal herbs, very fresh.


Taste Examination

Very consistent and sweet, although more delicate than the smell; it leaves a feeling of freshness in the mouth like camphor and mint, sometimes slightly bitter. Slightly persistent.

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Product abuse (more than 60 g per day) is not recommended. Allergy sufferers with high allergy occurrences (in particular hay allergy to Graminaceae, Cupressaceae, Betulaceae, Salicaceae, Fagaceae, etc.) should avoid the intake of any hive product, including honey, due to potential allergenic pollen contamination. Keep out of the reach children under the age of 3.

Recommendations for use

Its balsamic and fresh flavors make it ideal for pairing with different typed of mountain cheese, equally peculiar which recall its herbaceous scents. Traditional Medicine gives it relaxing and emollient properties, therefore anti-cough drug and antipyretic.


It fears heat and humidity. Store in a cool dry place, away from direct light.


Glass jar

Net weight



MiPAAF certified organic product, Inspected operator no. 44913.

Registered office

Giorgio Poeta s.r.l.

via Bruno Buozzi 56B

60044 Fabriano AN

P.Iva e CF 02726530427

Laboratory/sales outlet

Via Santa Croce 65

60044 Fabriano AN

Fabriano East exit

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DOMANDA N.  ID n. 58869, approvata con Decreto n. 86/ICIN del 04/04/2023

TITOLO DEL PROGETTO: “Sviluppo commerciale in Medio Oriente, Paesi del Golfo e Stati Uniti”


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