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Giorgio came to see me at the restaurant without any appointment one early autumn afternoon, not out of disrespect but for lack of time. He had something in his hands to offer, it was a liquid with a: look back in time.

Despite this, I listened to him with pleasure. A boy with such a last name, who was a farmer with a degree in Agriculture, producing Honey, aroused much sympathy. 


We tasted his masterpiece which is the honey in oak barrels, then the l’idromiele, and then the pollen and so I entered his world. The result was a very successful dessert inspired by the bee's habitat. I believe that those who have to do with the earth and animals in general, have the good fortune to live life according to true and ancient teachings.


We immediately became friends with the perception of being in who knows what other time we met.

Thanks Giorgio for your invaluable friendship. 



Giorgio Poeta's Bucarello cheese and honey ice cream. How to bring out two great local products in a perfect dessert.