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From appetizer to dessert. Would you ever have thought about it?

A package that contains I'M Idromiele Classico and I'M Idromiele Barricato.

The first is produced from an assembly of three honeys, acacia, stachys and sunflower and is fermented and aged for 6 months in steel. It has a straw yellow color and a transparent brilliance, which evolves with aging. Perfect for an aperitif.

The second is produced starting from an assembly of three honeys, sunflower, acacia and stachys and subsequently fermented and aged for 15 months in small French oak barrels. It has the color of gold and a crystalline luster. Perfect for a post dinner.

I'M IdroMiele
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I'M Idromiele Classico


il Carato
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I'M IdroMiele Barricato