Il Carato

The dream that comes true. When you wake up in the morning with a thought in your mind, you turn around and you find it on your bedside table, waiting for you. There it is!

“Heroes born in the darkest nights”.

When we start a journey it’s always an adventure. Only this way we can reach where no one else has ever dared.  Perhaps because of the fear.  Or maybe his vision or probably the heart. But the longer we travel, the more beautiful story we can tell.

Il Carato

“Il Carato” is a transposition of a dream in a reality that seems frenetic, however it is completely still. We try to give birth to our dreams.

The only honey in the world aged in barrels, is a striking example. it is a very pure acacia honey that rests for about 9 months in French oak barrels of 225 litres.

From this point and on, the change of its colour and taste is clear. Intense ruby red, pungent smell that reminds us of mulled wine, with a balsamic aftertaste. All these characteristics allow this honey to become a universal symphony suitable to be matched it with whatever comes to your mind.


Mauro Uliassi

Early afternoon on a fall day, Giorgio came to visit me in my restaurant without any appointment. He has something in his hands to offer me.

Usually – not for impoliteness, but for the lack of time - I get rid of them by saying: “ come again an another day.” But this time it was my pleasure to listen to him. A young man with the surname Poeta, a farmer with a Bachelor’s Degree in Agriculture that produces honey evoked good feelings in me.

We first tasted the honey in barrique, Giorgio’s masterpiece, then the mead and the pollen for last. This is how I lost myself in his world and the successful dessert inspired by the bee habitat was born. I think who deals with land and animals is lucky to be able to live his life according to the correct and ancient teachings . Thanks Giorgio for your precious friendship.