I’M IdroMiele

The synergy of two basic products, like water and honey, for the birth of an ancient drink, but completely revisited.

“The future has an ancient heart”

It’s possible to make some errors of assessment if you look at the past with an essentially critical view and not constructive. Start from our old story to create a new one. We can make it. I would like to…and that’s what I’m doing.

I’M IdroMiele

Mead is the oldest fermented drink in the history. Before the discovery of wine, or beer, there was the mead. Then, suddenly it disappeared from our tables, and just the name and its taste remained, passed on by those few people who have had the chance to taste it.

I like challenges, and this one may be the riskiest one: to find a place in the world for this product in a completely revisited form to get it back on our tables. “I’M Idromiele” is a fermented drink that can reach about 14 % of alcohol. It’s composed of a blend of Giorgio Poeta’s high quality multi-flower honey and pure spring water that are left to be fermented to create this alcoholic drink.

Patience is the most important thing. We need to wait about 15 months to get the perfect product that suits our tastes. It smells fresh, herbaceous, white fruit, pineapple and tinned peach. In your mouth it remains enchanting, etched, not extremely sweet, with a pungent smell, from which stand out a light sweetness that calls quickly for another glass.


Cristina Bowerman

She is a pungent, brilliant nonconformist.
Cristina is like the mead. She started up from a dream, conquered palates and kitchens from all over the world, having become the only woman Chef Ambassador in the Expo 2015, as well as a Michelin star chef. That is why she defines “I’M Idromiele” as her partner, a faithful companion in her experiments. Both of us with a strong personality, the same background and a common path: coming from a small town to conquer high class cousine. She started up from Cerignolo and myself from Fabriano.

Alè Cristina!