I’M IdroMiele Barricato

Ribellarsi. Ri-bellarsi : /ribel’larsi/ (V. rifl.)Ritornare al BELLO.

No more walls, no more wars

No more walls. We are breaking them down. No more wars. Hate brings hate. Violence brings violence. While awareness brings peace.

I’M IdroMiele Barricato

Wood, as always, is “the main character “of the company. This is the reason why we could only produce mead in barrique.

Mead evolution leads to the birth of I’M Idromiele Barricato that, unlike the firstborn, is left to rest in French oak barrels that gives him amber reflex
and tastes that recall to the wood where it rests, the sandal, the black pepper as well as the rip peach.

Mead in barrique matches perfectly with starters with well-aged cheese, desserts with chocolate or sweets with jam.


Giuseppe Palmieri

For our great pleasure, we can make the beginning of a relationship of esteem and collaboration official with Giuseppe Palmieri,
executive director and sommelier of the restaurant Osteria Francescana in Modena.
For months, we have been discussing and we are proudly informing you that our products are used for being matched with dishes on the tasting menu of this Restaurant in Modena.
This growing mutual confidence we feel happy and proud for continues to expand. As a demonstration of this expansion we invite you to try you the so called “Autumn in New York”
dish (fist picture on the upper part), which is coupleded with our I’M IdroMiele Barricato

Alè Giuseppe!