Carato Gran Cru

My latest creation, to bring out and surprise again your palates. And your heart.

“We are all mortal until the first kiss and the second glass of wine”

Everybody wants to write history. Everyone will get his 15 minutes’ fame as Andy Warhol said.
As for me, I hope they will be the longest 15 minutes ever in the history!

Gran Cru

It is always a good thing to stop to take a breath. It may help you to organize your ideas.

Evolution is the most important part of life. So that “Il Carato”, for a silly game, becomes “Carato Gran Cru”, that is pure acacia honey aged in the very famous barrels of Azienda Agricola Oasi degli Angeli located in Cupra Marittima (AP), where Kurni wine have rested for several months. Kurni is the main product of this farm.

It is the most characteristic wine not only in the Marche Region, but even in Italy. You love it or hate it. It’s the same for “Carato Gran Cru”.

Its smell reminds of dry red fruit, sour cherry, cherries and stewed plums with strong hints of burned. Its colour is very deep with scarlet reflex that reminds of Kurni that has previously rested in the same barrel.Take a ceramic spoon, and half an hour.

This is the right Honey for meditation.


Oasi degli Angeli

Eleonora Rossi and Marco Casolanetti are the owners of Azienda Agricola Oasi degli Angeli , where the very famous Kurni was born.

They don’t care about the wine to be technically perfect. They are orphans of the manufacturer’s personality as they – along with me - believe it’s the human factor that gives real value of things.
With this reasonable passion, research and dedication “Carato Gran Cru” was born.

Reasonable Passion.

Alè Eleonora, Alè Marco!